Dinesh Lakhani, Director, Kiran Gems

As we bring curtains down to 2020 and look forward to the New Year ahead, 2021 will usher in a new Post COVID era as the world greets it with renewed vigor and we continue the forward momentum gained over the last few months. As we gradually move out of the shadow of the pandemic, with expectations of measures like mass vaccination and therapies starting to bear fruit, all of us have to keep our guard up and at the same time gear up for much bigger business opportunities in the new world as economic recovery takes hold globally, supported by unprecedented monitory and fiscal measures with all of them targeted to a single objective of creating new Aggregate Demand.
The Smalls are BIG !!!
Recently there has been various rumors in the market about KIRAN reducing the production of small sizes (-2, -6.5 and +6.5) and is seeing fast depletion of the stocks in them. We would vehemently like to point out that this is absolutely incorrect, In fact contrary to these rumors, we have increased our production in these sizes and are maintaining stable and healthy inventory levels.
As we witness enhanced demand in these sizes from the jewelry and watch manufacturers globally, as an industry leader we have taken additional measures pointed above to ensure steady supply of these goods.
Kiran has been the undisputed leader in smalls for years now. We truly appreciate and have harnessed the value of smalls as we have been at the forefront of investments in technology, processes and production skill to create a highly efficient setup over the years as the largest manufacturer of smalls. This has always been our core strength and we will continue to focus on it as our growth area going ahead along with growth in other sizes.
In fact, as an additional measure to aid our customers to better plan their supplies we had introduced the “Make to Measure” facility in small sizes as well, as mentioned in our previous newsletter. This held us and our customers in good stead in the Post COVID era as we saw higher demand and our customers could plan better as the “Make to measure” approach is now followed across our entire production line.
Swift changing global scenarios are a part of the new normal, this has led to a clear shift in customer approach with more and more jewelry manufacturers preferring to partner with suppliers where consistent assortment along with reliability, trust, competitive pricing and timely delivery is ensured given the fact that primitive buying approach is fast becoming obsolete.
Incremental Support Measures: To further deepen our commitment and focus on small sizes, KIRAN has introduced 3EXs, COLORLESS and H&A assortments – replete with Microscopic Assortment, Calibration and Just In Time turnaround – starting from as low as 0.6 mm size. This would substantially enhance the procurement efficiency for our customers.
Going ahead as our business grows in all categories along with the growth in manufacturing of smalls, we are well positioned to cater to higher demand in smalls from our customers as they enhance their offerings to tap into the increasing demand of Studded Diamond jewelry at all price points.