The Largest Ever Silver Exhibition Shines in Mumbai, Showcasing Exquisite Artistry and Timeless Elegance

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the largest ever Silver Exhibition in India called Silver Show of India (SSI) at Jio convention centre, BKC Mumbai, an extraordinary showcase of exquisite artistry and timeless elegance in the world of silver craftsmanship. This landmark event will take place from June 8th June to 11th June, 2023, at the prestigious JIO Convention Center, BKC, Mumbai.

This one-of-a-kind exhibition aims to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and unmatched craftsmanship associated with silver. With over 500 Booths of renowned silver jewellers and designers from across the globe participating, this event promises to captivate visitors with an awe-inspiring display of masterpieces.

The Silver Exhibition will feature an extensive collection of breath taking silver artifacts, including ornate jewellery, intricately designed home decor, finely crafted cutlery, and much more. 15000 registered Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness the diverse range of techniques employed by skilled artisans to transform silver into objects of unparalleled beauty.

The event will also host engaging workshops and demonstrations by industry experts, providing a deeper understanding of silver craftsmanship techniques and the history behind this precious metal. Visitors can learn first-hand about the intricate processes involved in creating silver jewellery and witness live demonstrations by talented artisans, who will be happy to share their knowledge and passion.

“We are delighted to present this grand exhibition, showcasing the finest silver craftsmanship from around the world,” said Dr. Chetan Mehta, National Vice President at IBJA. “This exhibition is not only a celebration of the artistic excellence associated with silver but also an opportunity to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage that it represents, stated Surendra Mehta, National secretary-IBJA

The Silver Exhibition in Mumbai will be a hub of inspiration and a platform for interaction among artisans, collectors, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the exhibition at their leisure, marvel at the exceptional creations on display, and even have the chance to acquire unique silver pieces to add to their collections.

About 150000 Silver jewellery design and Artifacts will be showcased for the industry, Said Prithviraj Kothari, National President at IBJA.

For more information and updates about the largest ever Silver Exhibition in Mumbai, please visit and Join us in this celebration of silver craftsmanship and witness the magnificence of this precious metal firsthand.