Emerald and Limelight recently announced their partnership to offer the finest quality of pure CVD diamond studded jewellery from India to the world.

And on 10th December at The CVD Conclave, EMERALD & LIMELIGHT were super proud to announce their authorised dealer for Kerala, Dilara Jewels. Dilara Jewels is a very trusted company in Kerala that specialises in gold & diamond jewellery. When three such powerful forces combine, the industry can only anticipate spectacular results for the rest of the world to watch.

The CVD Conclave was hosted by Dilara Jewels and was attended by top retailers of Kerala. The conclave was specially addressed by Mr Nirav Bhatt, Director of Limelight Diamonds who extensively explained the exponential potential of lab grown CVD diamonds to the massive audience. Mr. K Srinivasan, Chairman and MD, Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd. conveyed his best wishes to Dilara Jewels through a special video message which was played on the screen.

The launch of the exquisite jewellery collection studded with lab-grown CVD diamonds was followed by a fashion show wherein models adorned and exhibited the fabulous jewels. It was indeed an enthralling experience for the audience. The collection is nothing but a perfect blend of Emerald’s mastery over manufacturing best finish jewellery pieces and Limelight’s brilliance shone through their pristine CVD diamonds.

Dilara Jewels will be making CVD diamond jewellery available for all the retailers in Kerala.

Lab grown diamonds are gaining more and more popularity across the globe with each passing day. While lab-grown diamonds are 100% real and more affordable options, the fact that these diamonds best align with the values of today’s consumers is what is setting them a league apart. Those opting for lab-grown diamonds are also making sure that they not only pass down a precious heirloom to future generations but also to a planet that is ecologically diverse and lively.