Well known machinery maker Rajsons has made sanitizer equipments to support current Corona condition in every field and offices. Four models sutable for every industry and business workhouse. Here is a glimpse of each models which demonstrate its use. Let us understand about the sanitizer as under…

UVC Hand Held Sanitizer.
Very Convient, Easy to use very resonable price.
Best for : Students, Computer, Laptop, I – pad, Mobile, Books and Jewellery.

UVC Santizer Box
First time in the world Make in India.
Long lasting Stainless Steel Box with Digital Timer and Specially Design Air Circulor System for currancy and Vegitables.
Size 12″ x 12″ x 12″ which is very Convient to Keep on table increase the asthalic look in office or Home. Specially locking system to avoid accidental opening original philips make UVC Tube 11 walts 8″ which is Fix on Top side of Box to avoid accidental Direct looking Two seprate plugs for UVC Light & Air Circulation.
Convient for : Mobile, Laptop, Computer, I – pad, Books, Jewellery, Out side food, Vegitables and Milk Bag.

UVC Box Stainless Steel
12″ x 12″ x 12″, with Digital Timer open Both Sides. Specially Design for Jewellery Manufacturers and Jewellers, Factories and Show room with Air Circulor System .
Plastic Tray in centre.
Plastic Tray for show room or factories.
Best use for : Mobile, Laptop, Computer, I – pad, Books, Jewellery and Food or packed Items for other customers or karigars.

Liquid Sanitizer or Liquid shop Dispensor
As Rajson specility to make in Stainless Steel. Fix it forgate it long lasting.
¨ Single phase – 220 V.A.C.
¨ 24 volt DC Valve.
¨ Capacity 1Lt / 2Lts / 5Lts.
Best for building Entrance : Shops, Offices, Bank, Hotel, Gem, Air port, Bus Station Railway Station, Multiplex, Shopping Malls, School, Coaching Class and Yoga class