The All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), the national apex body of the gems and jewellery industry has appointed Mr. Saiyam Mehra asChairman and Mr. Rajesh Rokde as its Vice Chairman for a period of two years (2023-24). The list of other newly elected directors of GJC has been uploaded on the company website

Mr SaiyamMehra known for his vision to create benchmarks in the business of gold jewellery has been closely associated with GJC for the past many years. Being the Convener, he has efficiently led GJC’s biggest B2B Expo – GJS and created its roadmap for the years to come. He has also spearheaded PMI and has taken it to newer heights. Coming from a family who has been in the jewellery business for 5 decades, Mr.Saiyam has never shied away from challenges and has been part of many meetings with the government to represent the concerns of the G&J industry. His commitment towards the GJC initiatives is well complimented by the board and expressed confidence that he will continue to work for the benefit of the industry.

Mr. SaiyamMehra, Chairman GJC, stated, “I am thankful to the Board for showing their trust and electing me as the Chairman of GJC. It is an honor to accept the responsibility and I will put in my sincere efforts to continue the legacy of my predecessors. We shall try to follow up with the government on all our industry issues lying pending & liaison with them to make things suitable for us to work under.  We will make our best efforts to bring the entire industry on one platform to discuss various policy matters. GJC will strive to inspire many more jewellers and their associations to get more organized to be able to project a unified approach to policy changes. I along with my COA have a strong determination to focus on the “Members come first” agenda, and our members’ voices and opinions stand most valuable to us”.

The board also appointed Mr. Rajesh Rokde as the Vice Chairman, an out-of-the-box thinker who has been instrumental in promoting the GJC Initiatives and actively participates in discussions related to industry issues. The board believes that with his positive energy, Mr. Rajesh will be able to provide the ultimate support to take GJC to higher heights.

Mr. Rajesh Rokde, Vice Chairman, GJC, said, “It’s a proud feeling to be able to contribute to the organisation which day in and day out works towards the upliftment of our industry. GJC is constantly creating newer and better platforms for the industry and my focus will be on connecting with the maximum number of people creating and creating a synergy for the development of our industry.”

The entire e-Voting election process was conducted by an authorized independent person (Chief Election Authority), and the voting platform was created by a digital agency, both appointed by GJC. The electronic voting facility conducted hassle-free election of various panels & zones.The voting process was for 5 days starting from 18thto 22ndDecember 2022. The results were declared on 26th December 2022.

The members of the GJC Committee of Administration (COA) for the term 2023-24 are as follows:

  1. Mr.SaiyamMehra (Chairman) – Large Wholesaler, West
  2. Mr.Rajesh Rokde (Vice Chairman) – Large Retailer, West
  3. Mr.AshishPethe (Immediate Past Chairman) – Large Retailer, West
  4. Dr. B. Govindan (Zonal Chairman – South) – Large Retailer, South
  5. Dr. Ravi Kapoor (Zonal Chairman – North) – Large Retailer, North
  6. Mr. Sunil Poddar(Zonal Chairman – East) – Medium Manufacturer Jewellery, East
  7. Mr.Amit Kumar Soni (COA Member) – Small Manufacturer Jewellery, East
  8. Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain (COA Member) – Medium Retailer, South
  9. Mr.Dinesh Jain (COA Member) – Medium Retailer            , West
  10. Mr.Kamal Singhania (COA Member) – Medium Retailer, East
  11. Mr.Madan Kothari (COA Member) – Small Manufacturer Jewellery, West
  12. Mr.Mohanlal Jain (COA Member) – Small Retailer, South
  13. Mr.Nilesh S. Shobhawat (COA Member) – Small & Medium Wholesaler, West
  14. Mr. Ravi PrakashAgarwal (COA Member) – Small Retailer, North
  15. Mr.RupeshTambi (COA Member) – Small & Medium Wholesaler, North
  16. Mr. S. Abdul Nazar (COA Member) – Small Retailer, South
  17. Mr.SahilMehra (COA Member) – Medium Manufacturer Jewellery, West
  18. Mr. Samar Kumar De (COA Member) – Medium Retailer, East
  19. Mr.SiddharthSawansukha (COA Member) – Large Manufacturer Jewellery, East
  20. Mr. Suresh I. Dhruv (COA Member) – Precious Metal Bullion & Refinery, South
  21. Mr.SuyashAgrawal (COA Member) – Small & Medium Manufacturer Silver Jewellery, West

C successfully conducted COA elections for the 2023-24 term