Address by Shri Anoop V. Mehta, Others in the picture L-R are Anupbhai Zaveri, Shyam Jagannathan, Ramniklalbhai Shah and A.V.R Reddy

Address by Shri Shyam Jagannathan

Address by Shri Ramniklalbhai Shah

Diploma certificates and Merit Award given to Students by Shri Shyam Jagannathan and Shri Ramaniklalbhai Shah

Shri Shyam Jagannathan, IAS, Zonal Development Commissioner delivered the convocation address during the 41st Convocation organized by Gemmological Institute of India held in Mumbai on 3rd December 2022. Shri Ramniklalbhai Shah, Partner and Founder of M/s. Venus Jewel was the Guest of Honor.

Gemmological Institute of India (GII) is a well known entity in the field of imparting educational programs pertaining to the Diamond, Color gemstone and Jewellery sector. Besides being a reliable Gem testing institute GII also houses a state of the art Research and Development wing that is unmatched in the Industry. GII has been imparting Training and Development in the Industry since 1971. Over five decades GII has trained large number of students in gemology and grading, who, equipped with the GII certificate have been instrumental in the growth and evolution of the sector. Cutting edge courses and training programs of GII covers a vast module such as fundamental aspect of gems and diamonds, mining to marketing, characterization and use of advanced instruments and techniques. Practical training in laboratory in the presence of experts on determining qualify of gems, diamonds and studded jewellery forms an important aspect of GII modules.

The 41st convocation was held on 3rd December in Convention Hall, Bharat Diamond Bourse. GII presented Diploma certificates to qualified students and “Best Performance” appreciation awards to students, and “Star Mitra” Awards to the valuable clients of GII. The program was well attended by members from the gem and jewellery industry, students, GII employees, GII and BDB trustees and others. The Program began with the rendition of our National Anthem post which Dr. A V R Reddy, CEO, GII welcomed Chief Guests Shri Shyam Jagannathan, Zonal Development Commissioner, SEEPZ-SEZ, Maharashtra, Goa, Daman and Diu, Guest of Honour, Shri Ramniklalbhai Shah, Partner and Founder, M/s. Venus Jewel, Shri Anoopbhai V. Mehta, Chairman, GII and Shri Anupbhai Zaveri, Managing Trustee, GII and other rustees of GII, invitees, colleagues and students. He spoke about Shri Shyam Jagannathan, his many achievements and vast experience over 25 years. He thanked him for accepting to deliver the convocation address. Dr Reddy also added that Shri Ramniklalbhai Shah, has helped the business to grow adhering to ethical practices offering quality products, pricing and most importantly ‘employee care’. Trustees, Industry leaders and guests attended event

Shri Anoop V. Mehta, Chairman, GII in his address congratulated all the students for successfully obtaining the GII diplomas. He thanked Shri Shyam Jagannathan, Development Commissioner, and Shri Ramniklalbhai Shah for accepting to be chief guest and guest of honor respectively, for this important program. He was appreciative that Shri Shyam Jagannathan would address students, Alumni and younger colleagues of GII and urged fresh diploma holders to become ambassadors of GII and wished them well in to become good entrepreneur. He also urged youngsters to make an effort to emulate Ramniklalbhai in ethical practices.

Shri Shyam Jgannathan, in his address expressed gratitude for being amongst GII fraternity and a part of 41stConvocation function as a Chief Guest. He spoke to fresh diploma holders about the Current Gem and Jewellery Industry’s Growth, its contribution to National GDP. He assured GII to extend all possible support so as to facilitate speedy and accurate testing services to Gem and jewellery industry.

Guest of Honor ShriRamniklal Shah told that he was overwhelmed to be Guest of honor for the convocation ceremony and conveyed that they started Venus jewel when global belief was that India did not have the capacity & expertise. Today India is number one in Gem and Jewellery Industry. He emphasized that ethical values are important. He recollected how GII had started 50 years back and is happy that GII has grown well and established a name for itself.

Fresh graduates received Diploma Certificates at the hands of Chief Guest Shri Shyam Jagnnathan and Guest of Honor Shri Ramniklal Shah. They also gave away merit awards to students and Star-Mitra awards to valuable clients who have been supporting GII since its inception. These awards were instituted by well wishers of GII and Gem and Jewellery Exporters’ Association (GJEA).

Shri Anup Zaveri, Managing Trustee, GII proposed a vote of thanks. He congratulated students, award winners and GII employees for organizing the 41st convocation. Mr. Sandesh Mane coordinated the program with Mr. Maheshbhai Vaghani, Trustee and BDB Team. Mrs. Silvia Sequiera and Mr. Milind Varhad pande anchored the Function.