All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), the national apex body of the gems and jewellery industry, organised the NJA’23 Grand Jury Round on Monday, 18th September 2023, at Taj, Santacruz, Mumbai, for the 12th edition of the National Jewellery Awards (NJA), scheduled to take place on 1st October 2023, at Jasmine Hall, Jio World Covention Centre, BKC, Mumbai. NJA is GJC’s endeavour to stimulate industry growth and is considered the ultimate platform to inspire and recognize the true talent among GJC’s valued members and associates.

The NJA’23 Grand Jury had 232 shortlisted entries in 25 jewellery categories post screening round. The NJA’23 Grand Jury Round include personalities such as: Ms. Usha Balkrishnan, Mr. Anand Shah, Ms. Nirupa Bhatt, Ms. Ami Patel, Mr. Apoorva Deshingkar, Ms. Manali Vengsarkar, Ms. Pallavi Foley, and Mr. Laksh Pahuja.

The NJA’23 is presented by the World Gold Council (WGC) and powered by the GIA. Trophy Partner is Pranda, Logistic Partner- BVC, Laboratory Partner – IDT Gemological Laboratories Worldwide, Education Partner- IIG International Institute of Gemology, Platinum Partner- Platinum Guild International, Supporting Partners are De Beers Institute of Diamonds, Laxmi Diamonds and Shringar House of Mangalsutra

NJA is considered to be the industry’s biggest and widest award show, recognizing all sectors of the industry and providing a platform to discover talent in the field. Known for its commitment to craftsmanship, dedication, and motivation within the industry, NJA is appreciated and encouraged for its role in stimulating growth and creativity. Nurturing creativity and honouring innovation, inspiration, passion, craftsmanship, and devotion that inspires the emergence of new talent is the core objective of NJA.

Mr Saiyam Mehra, Chairman, GJC, said, “NJA 2023 will offer an opportunity for national recognition in the gems and jewellery industry, helping achievers stimulate growth in their businesses. NJA symbolises creativity and innovations, building sustainable imagery within the industry and among direct customers. It contributes to enhancing individuals’ knowledge of the latest industry trends and fashion, inspiring passion, craftsmanship, and devotion to the ‘Make in India’ ethos in gems and jewellery manufacturing. The NJA’23 Screening Jury Round will assist jury members in shortlisting the finalists for the NJA 23 awards.”

Mr Rajesh Rokde, Vice Chairman GJC, remarked, “The NJA’23 Screening Jury Round is one of the rigorous processes to select the final winner of the NJA 2023 award. NJA indirectly helps encourage competence in terms of designs and industry trends, providing an opportunity to showcase one’s talent in the industry and opening up untapped business opportunities.”

Mr Sunil Poddar, Convener NJA, stated, “The jury members of NJA 2023 will congregate at the NJA’23 Screening Jury Round to select the final achievers for the grandeur event, NJA 2023. The selection is not easy as it involves a substantial number of participants from the various sectors of the gems and jewellery value chain.”

Mr Avinash Gupta, Co-convenor, NJA, emphasized, “The rigorous selection process, as evidenced by NJA’s 23 Screening Jury Round, confirms GJC’s transparency and authenticity, as well as achievers’ passion, craftsmanship, and devotion to the art and science of ‘Make in India’ jewellery manufacturing. It attracts young talent for the industry and inspires them to prove their abilities to their peers. NJA also brings India’s craftsmen and artisans to the centre stage and honouring their vital role and efforts in continuing the illustrious legacy of India’s jewellery business.”