J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry organized a webinar for the J K students on the “Benefits of MatrixGold 3”. The guest speaker for this webinar was Mr. Oriol Collelldemont, Product Director, Gemvision. In this webinar students got to learn some tips and tricks on Matrix Gold3 to make their journey in the gems and jewelry industry a lot easier.

MatrixGold 3 is a new updated version of the software to help create original jewelry designs. It helps in the whole process of design manufacturing much more advanced but also simpler and easy to work with in terms of software handling. The students were happy to learn that the new features of this software minimize the time for designing and the processing of the software is a lot better and easier to maneuver from the student’s point of view.

In this webinar, Mr. Oriol Collelldemont also demonstrated some of the shortcuts which would make the workflow of creating designs a lot more smoother and efficient. An example of this demonstration included the use & the process flow to be followed while using dynamic settings. J K Diamonds students were excited to learn more and showed great enthusiasm to get their hands on this new software, which would help them design more efficiently and enable them to become industry standard professionals. J K Diamonds Institute is an authorized licensed trainer for Matrix Gold in India and continues to be the pioneer of 100% practical training for the gems and jewelry industry.