Introducing the New Sherlock Holmes 3.0 Detector

Yehuda Diamond Company’s recently updated  Sherlock Holmes 3.0 diamond detector is capable of screening for both CVD and HPHT lab-grown diamonds.
The updated device has a new folding screen that lifts to make it easier to view stone images. Capable of screening up to 18 rings at one time, the device offers 8X magnification and improved sensitivities for better analysis of test results. An internal long UV test helps to reduce false-positive results. Featuring the ability to save test results on a memory stick, the portable unit comes with a travel bag, and its software can be automatically updated via WiFi.

ASSUREDLY Sherlock Holmes!

The ASSURE Program is a testing regimen for Diamond Verification Instruments, developed by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), giving you reliable, third-party approved insights that will support your purchasing decisions. A Diamond Verification Instrument is a device used to separate and/or identify diamonds from synthetic diamonds. They are also known as synthetic diamond screening or synthetic diamond detection devices.
There are 3 Types of Synthetic Diamond Detectors:

  • TYPE ONE: Detectors that can check only one stone at a time (mounted or loose)
  • TYPE TWO: Detectors that sort small (under 0.20 ct.) round diamonds into 2 groups – natural and synthetic. (Primarily used by gem labs).
  • TYPE THREE: Detectors that can check single stones (mounted or loose) AND multiple loose stones AND multiple mounted jewelry.

Yehuda’s Sherlock Holmes Detector is a type three. Of the 29 detectors comprehensively tested by the ASSURE Program, only 12 were type three, capable of checking parcels of diamonds and multiple pieces of mounted jewelry. The most important factor among  these 16 detectors is their synthetic diamond detection rate. The all new Sherlock Holmes 3.0 detector, and its predecessor the 2.0, are able to detect 100% of all lab-grown diamonds!

At a Glance

Features: The Sherlock Holmes 3.0 

  • The SH 3.0 has the same 100% detection rate as the 2.0 model.
  • Detects CVD and HPHT lab-grown diamonds.
  • Capable of checking 18 rings at a time!
  • Improved UI and folding screen.
  • Numerous sensitivities for an improved analysis of the results.
  • Eight Times Magnification! A 0.005ct. ( 1mm ) diamond looks like a 2ct. diamond ( 8mm ) on the screen making detection of the smallest diamonds and simulants very easy.
  • Internal Long UV test to reduce false positive results.
  • Easier and better simulants detection.
  • Portable (bag included).
  • Automatic software update via WiFi.
  • Save results directly to your Google-Drive, memory stick, and more!

    About Us

    Yehuda Diamond Company
    Founder Zvi Yehuda introduced his first innovation in the diamond industry in 1953, when he was just 16. His pioneering spirit and ongoing passion for innovation lead to numerous inventions that have changed the face of the trade, and even the face of diamonds themselves. In 1982 Zvi Yehuda invented the Yehuda Clarity Enhancement process for diamonds, debuting them in the US in 1988. In 2017 the company introduced the Sherlock Holmes detector for Lab Grown Diamonds.