The updated emblem signifies the organization’s evolution in tune with global standards, even as the company preserves its enduring values and traditions

After a long period of 38 years, Sheetal Group, which describes itself as “Consistent in Purpose. Evolved in Presence”, has unveiled its new logo.

According to a company release, “This new logo celebrates unprecedented milestones in our journey by striking a balance between traditions and innovations; it embodies the very essence of Commitment, Integrity, and Sustainability throughout our organization. These core values have formed the guiding principles of our organization for 38 years. As we move forward with a newly proclaimed visual identity, we, at Sheetal, remain dedicated to delivering excellence, upholding our values, and embracing the global community we serve.”

As per the company, the new logo is in keeping with innovation and dynamic global trends. “Over the years, the world has seen the advent of digitalization, and so have we. We have refurbished our manufacturing facilities, and today, house some of the world’s most contemporary, high-tech machinery. With this new logo, we are declaring that we are marching with the needs and preferences of the modern world.

“We have upgraded our visual identity, but at the core, our vision and mission stay unchanged. We stay consistent with our purpose and constant in our commitment. Our values drive our daily actions, strategic decisions, and future aspirations. In conjunction with our new logo, we have also revamped our website that serves as a digital manifestation of moral conduct, stringent regard for ethics and unparalleled product quality,” the company release said.

Sheetal is launching the new website on September 18 at the Jewellery & Gem World Hong Kong.