Surat city’s diamond industry, Gujarat and the entire country should feel proud for historical achievement of Surat based STPL. STPL is the world’s leading diamond processing solutions company, has registered two proud milestones not only in India but also in Europe.

Mr. Munjal Gajjar, Head of Research and Development, STPL Company, has been named among the Top 100 Most Innovative People in the Photonics Industry by a world-renowned publication. The publishing group ‘Electro Optics’ is renowned for providing reliable and accurate information and analysis related to the photonics industry in Europe and around the world. The magazine publishes an annual list called ‘The Photonics 100’, which ranks only 100 individuals from the world who have made outstanding and significant contributions globally in the photonics.

Photonics is the branch of physics of light rays. Photonics is a very important field in the science and industry of using light, especially laser beams, in a variety of life applications. The raeson of pride here is that Mr. Munjal is our pure Surti and a native Gujarati person who is now one of the 100 most innovative people in the world.

Mr. Munjal Gajjar of STPL Company has made a significant contribution in transforming the entire Diamond industry of the country through innovative research in the field of photonics, especially laser technology. He has also played a particularly significant role in enabling the production of medical stents in India using the same technology, an initiative that has made India self-sufficient in the production of medical stents.

In another noteworthy milestone, STPL has been named in the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) ’50 Most Innovative Companies’ list of 2022. STPL Company is constantly giving new momentum to the Diamond industry through new innovations and solutions. Apart from laser technology, the company has also developed an artificial intelligence and robotics based diamond processing solutions. This is why the company has got a prideful place in this prestigious list.

Established in 1993, STPL develops cutting-edge technological solutions for the diamond industry. Today, STPL is the only company in the global diamond industry that develops total technology solutions for all processes from diamond analysis and planning, to diamond cutting, blocking and safe diamond trading. Also caters to the requirements of 3D printers and laser based metal cutting and tube cutting machines following MAKE IN INDIA.