Kiran Gems proudly announces the relocation of its global headquarters to the prestigious Surat Diamond Bourse, signaling a pivotal moment in the history of the diamond manufacturing industry.

The decision to move our headquarters to Surat, known as the diamond cutting and polishing capital of the world, reflects our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth. Surat’s rich heritage in diamond craftsmanship, coupled with its state-of-the-art infrastructure at the Surat Diamond Bourse, aligns seamlessly with our vision of excellence and advancement.

The intricately planned infrastructure of Kiran Gems’ office sets the perfect stage for conducting business. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, creating an environment that seamlessly aligns with the demands of professional endeavors. It offers a space where business dealings can flourish, fostering an atmosphere that inspires confidence and facilitates seamless operations. This well-designed setting serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to providing an optimal environment for successful business engagements.

The walls adorned with the rich history of diamonds serve as a captivating backdrop, instilling a sense of pride in anyone entering Kiran Gems’ premises.Each section of the office has been thoughtfully curated, creating an environment that sparks inspiration.

As we know, for a transformative and path changing initiative to better serve the Global Diamond trade, SDB has created a world leading infrastructure as an enabling environment for the entire Diamond trade. Our own effort to support this endeavour is dedicated towards this cause and to serve our customers.

Surat Diamond Bourse provides an ideal environment for us to continue our legacy of crafting the world’s most exquisite diamonds while embracing innovation and sustainability,” said Dinesh Lakhani, Global Director, Kiran Gems.