Akshay Shah, Director Sales, Large Size Solitaire Category, Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., was the chief guest at the event

GIA India held the graduation ceremony for its Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program students at its Mumbai campus. Akshay Shah, Director Sales of Large Size Solitaire Category, Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., was the chief guest at the event. Also present on the occasion was Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director – Education and Market Development, GIA India. The graduation ceremony was preceded by an interactive session in which Akshay spoke about his journey in the diamond industry and its transformation over the years. Sharing his insights with the graduating students, he said, “It is a great start for the students, and I am certain that success will follow them if they do everything with passion and give their 100%.”

Apoorva Deshingkar added, “On behalf of GIA India, I’d like to thank Akshay for sharing some wonderful insights about the industry with the students. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are the future; we should look at them positively and explore how we can use these technologies to our advantage.”

Tanvi Surve, GIA Diamonds Graduate, said, “I have been working in the gem and jewelry industry as a jewelry model, where my interest in gems and jewelry developed. When I asked people from the industry where I should study, they all suggested GIA, and my experience here has been great. I will treasure all that I have learned from GIA.

” Ketaki Khemalapure, GIA Diamonds Graduate, said, “I am from the gem and jewelry industry, and studying at GIA has been on my bucket list. I am so glad that I did it and the experience here has been great. I have learned many things, such as the importance of being organized, which I will implement in my work.

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