Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited (STPL), a leading global technological firm headquartered in Surat, proudly announces the remarkable achievement of Mr. Trinayan Saikia, General Manager of Human Resources, at the esteemed 10th Edition of The Asian Leadership Awards 2023 in Dubai.

Held at the prestigious Taj Dubai Business Bay, the event witnessed Mr. Saikia’s recognition as a distinguished round table speaker, sharing insights on “Employee Experience and Employee Wellbeing” against the backdrop of the challenges presented by the modern workplace. This accolade adds to his illustrious list of achievements, including the Global HR Excellence Awards by the World HRD Congress.

Mr. Saikia’s address captivated an audience comprised of thought leaders, CHROs, CXOs, CEOs, and visionaries, fostering collaboration towards a brighter and sustainable future. His discourse showcased STPL’s commitment to innovation and excellence in human capital management.

Acknowledging the instrumental role of STPL’s leadership, Mr. Saikia expressed gratitude to CEO Rahul Gaywala for providing mentorship that empowered him to implement innovative HR practices effectively. He attributed the people-friendly values ingrained in the Sahajanand Group of Companies to the visionary leadership of Chairman Shri Dhirajlal Kotadia.

As a technological juggernaut operating in over 30 countries, STPL specializes in diamond processing technology, additive manufacturing, medical technology, and industrial lasers. Mr. Saikia highlighted the collective effort of the entire STPL team, acknowledging their unwavering support as integral to this dual achievement in HR excellence and global recognition.

This dual triumph not only elevates individual and organizational profiles but also symbolizes STPL’s unwavering commitment to global excellence. Looking ahead, STPL aims to leverage this success to further its mission of innovation, technological advancement, and global leadership.

In conclusion, STPL remains a beacon of success, seamlessly blending business acumen with a people-centric approach. As the company continues its journey, it stands poised to make significant contributions to the global market.