On the radiant morning of September 9th, 2023, Surat became the epicenter of all things dazzling as the prestigious Solitaire Gemological Laboratory (SGL) hosted its enlightening seminar, “Dazzle with Diamonds.” This educational extravaganza was graced by four esteemed guests, and the turnout of an enormous crowd demonstrated the unwavering fascination with the world of diamonds.

The event kicked off with an air of anticipation as attendees gathered to explore the captivating world of diamonds, their nuances, and the science behind their brilliance. With SGL’s sterling reputation as a diamond certification laboratory, the event promised to be an enlightening experience.

The Distinguished Guest Speakers of the event was:

1. Mr. Rajanikant Chanchad-Director, Nitya Gems & jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

2. Mr. Smit Patel-Director, GreenLab Diamonds

3. Mr. Kalpesh Vaghasiya-Director, Elvee Jewels Pvt Ltd

4. Mr. Prasad Kapre- Industry Analyst

The four esteemed speakers, each a luminary in their respective fields, illuminated the audience with their insights into the world of diamonds. From discussing the intricacies of diamond grading to delving into the latest trends in diamond jewelry, the speakers left no facet of this precious gemstone unexplored.

The seminar’s informative sessions covered a wide spectrum of topics, from the 4Cs of diamond grading (Carat, Cut, Colour, Clarity) to the latest technological advancements in the diamond industry. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation for diamonds and a newfound understanding of their significance in the world of luxury and fashion.

The success of “Dazzle with Diamonds” lay not only in its informative content but also in its ability to foster a sense of community among diamond aficionados. The event concluded with a sense of shared enthusiasm and a commitment to continuing the exploration of these timeless gems.

In summary, SGL’s “Dazzle with Diamonds” seminar in Surat on September 9th, 2023, was a resounding success. With its distinguished speakers, a massive turnout, interactive sessions, and a wealth of informative content, it not only educated but also celebrated the enchanting world of diamonds. Surat, known as the “Diamond City,” once again lived up to its name as it shone brightly as the host of this remarkable event.