Gemological Science International (GSI), a global gemological laboratory, proudly showcased
the promising career opportunities in Gemology at the Academia World Edu & Book Fair held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, attended by thousands of students. 
The Academia World Edu and Book Fair 2023 witnessed gala success with a massive footfall of
nearly 20,000 students and 32 other education institutions in and around Jaipur. There were 70
illustrious speakers for multiple sessions with a huge number of students attending the seminars.
Ms. Meenu Brijesh Vyas, Global Head Gemologist, GSI, and a veteran in the gemological field,
took center stage as she shared her vast knowledge and insights with the aspiring students.
Renowned as a guest speaker at numerous industry events, Ms. Vyas spoke about the
industry’s diverse career options and provided a roadmap for aspiring gemologists.

“GSI’s goal is to showcase Gemology as a promising career option in the evergrowing Gems &
Jewellery Industry to aspiring students who will be looking for various options to choose from.
Our mission is to provide high quality gemological education backed by GSI’s global expertise
and presence.GSI intends to train and offer experts to this industry and vice versa” says Ramit
Kapur, Managing Director,GSI India.
Ms.Vyas also spoke about GSI’s “Colored Stone Professional” course, a flagship educational
program offered at GSI’s Jaipur campus. She explained how the course is more than just a
conventional education and provides aspiring gemologists with a holistic understanding of
gemology, empowering them to embark on a successful career path.