Phased rollout to other GIA locations later in January

The GIA New York laboratory is now accepting GIA graded diamonds for the same-day confirmation service that was announced on January 9. The service will be available at other GIA locations in a phased rollout later in January.

The new service will confirm that the GIA graded diamond matches its corresponding GIA report. There will be no cost for the service for a limited time. The service is available for GIA graded diamonds with and without inscriptions.

Existing clients with a current GIA client agreement may submit diamonds for confirmation to the GIA New York laboratory by requesting ‘Report Confirmation Service’ as they would any other GIA service. GIA will accept both walk-in and courier submissions, although walk-in clients will be accommodated more quickly. It is preferred, but not required, that the original GIA report or a facsimile accompany the submitted diamond.

The projected service time for walk-in clients, subject to change based on volume, is 15 minutes for one loose diamond, one hour for two to five diamonds and 24 hours for more than five. GIA will accept mounted diamonds for confirmation, subject to longer service times.

Clients may contact their Client Service Representative or email with any questions. There will be further announcements when the GIA Report Confirmation service is available at other locations. Anyone who is not yet a GIA client interested in the service may start the client application process at