Now available for up to 3.99 carats

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading gemological grading and identification organization, is now offering a lower-cost GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report – Dossier. The revised report will no longer include the growth method or post-growth treatments, reducing fees for the service. For example, the revised report for a 1-carat laboratory-grown diamond will cost US$55, down from US$85. The report will continue to include the full 4Cs of Diamond Quality specifications and will now be available for laboratory-grown diamonds of 0.15 carats to a new upper range of 3.99 carats.

“This cost-effective report aligns with our goal of increasing the number of laboratory-grown diamonds with GIA reports in the market to protect consumers and ensure their trust in gems and jewelry,” said GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques. “We are tailoring our reports to focus on the information consumers and retailers find most important – the 4Cs and whether the diamond is natural or laboratory-grown.”

GIA will continue to include growth method, post-growth treatments and a plotted clarity diagram in the GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report. This service is for loose, D-to-Z laboratory-grown diamonds weighing 0.15 carats or more.

All laboratory-grown diamonds submitted to GIA are laser-inscribed with the GIA report number and the words “LABORATORY-GROWN” to ensure that consumers can differentiate them from natural diamonds. All GIA reports for laboratory-grown diamonds will continue to be available in digital-only formats.

The updated fee schedule is available on

GIA is now offering a revised, lower-cost GIA Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report – Dossier for laboratory-grown diamonds of 0.15 carats to a new upper range of 3.99 carats.