Gem & Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI) in collaboration with Shrimad Rajchandra Skill Development Centre (SRSDC) inaugurated a Skill Training Centre in September, 2022 in Dharampur, a town in the Valsad district of Gujarat.

It is with great pride GJSCI conducted the Convocation Ceremony of the 1st batch of students who successfully completed the course on Jewellery CAD Designer.

The Convocation ceremony was held in Mumbai and the candidates had an opportunity to visit Mumbai. A special visit program was planned for these candidates by GJSCI on 11th January, 2023. To begin with, candidates first visited the factories of Golkunda Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd., Diatrends Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Visiting Mumbai was a first time for mostly all the candidates and having a feel of the working atmosphere was an essential element of the visit.The Convocation Ceremony was conducted thereafter in the presence of Industry Partners who had donated generously towards this project. The Chief Guest at the ceremony was Shri. Shyam Jagannathan (IAS), Development Commissioner, and Guest of Honour Mr. C. P. S. Chauhan (IRS), Joint Development Commissioner, SEEPZ, Mumbai. Mr. Adil Kotwal, Chairman, GJSCI who could not make it to the event had conveyed his good wishes to the candidates and those present. Mr. Sanjay Kothari the ex-Chairman of GJSCI and under whom this project was initiated was also present at the event, along with Shri. Rajeev Gar, ED & CEO, GJSCI, Mr. Kaushik Visaria, Poject Coordinator, for SRSDC and Mr. Venkatesh Medhek, Head Trainer from by GJSCI.

At the ceremony Mr. Rajeev Garg, introduced the Guest present at the event, Mr. Sanjay Kothari, helped everyone recall the Journey of Dharampur Skill project and the Chief Guest Shri. Shyam Jagannathan (IAS), and Guest of Honour Mr. C. P. S. Chauhan (IRS), shared inspirational insights to the candidates with a guidance on their careers and journey ahead. Mr. Kaushik shared a brief on the skilling activities at Dharampur & other social initiative undertaken by Shrimad Rajchndra Ji mission.

Thereafter, the Candidates were given an opportunity of interaction with their prospective employers through whom GJSCI facilitated placements through luck of draw. All 18 Candidates were placed with the 11 Donor Companies present at the event. This overwhelming response received from Industry Partners has only concluded to prove that how successful this project has been and the support that GJSCI has received to drive this project.