The launch event was graced by the royal princesses of Mayurbhanj, Odisha Akshita Bhanjdeo & Mrinalika Bhanjdeo and also actress & Member of Parliament, Nussrat Jahan.

With a spectacular store in the heart of Kolkata at Forum Mall, Limelight expands its retail presence in the Eastern belt.

Limelight is India’s leading brand in offering sustainable lab grown CVD diamond studded jewellery. A homegrown luxury brand with its Flagship store in Mumbai and a thriving presence across Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and 20 other cities, Limelight has been redefining the way lab grown diamond jewellery is experienced in India.

An international luxury boutique outlook, the store prides itself on a contemporary architectural design that reflects a perfect blend of new age technology and traditional fine jewellery – appealing most to the consumer of today. Consumers will be able to witness a never seen before range of exquisite Solitaire jewellery and a marvellous FIRST EVER Hologram display.

In addition to that, the brand’s customer services including Lifetime Buyback, 100% exchange guarantee, design customization, EMI facility, instil further trust and confidence in the consumers.

Limelight CVD diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds that are absolutely real but at the same time planet friendly because they are not mined but instead grown above in labs in exactly the same way. So they end up saving huge tonnes of land & gallons of water that is destroyed in mining – something that is so critical in current times where our environment & planet needs our attention & care. PLUS since they are not mined, they save up on the mining costs & therefore are pocket friendly too without any compromise in quality or make!

Similar to the test tube baby concept where the end output is exactly the same but simply grown in different environments, all CVD diamonds bear the exact same carbon composition, physical, thermal and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. In fact, they are also the world’s purest type of diamonds which is a rarity as only 2% of mined diamonds are of that quality. This is also validated & certified by all world renowned diamond grading organisations like GIA, IGI and SGL.

The store launch event was graced by the royal princesses of Mayurbhanj, Odisha, Jema Akshita Bhanjdeo & Jema Mrinalika Bhanjdeo and also Actress & Member of Parliament, Nussrat Jahan.

Princess Akshita says, “I think one of the most important issues is human rights issues which usually comes with mining. Lab grown diamonds are not mined but instead has innovation and technology at its core that completely eradicates the social and environmental damage.”

“I’ve always heard from my parents, grandparents about the Kohinoor being the most beautiful diamond that we have ever known and today I was actually educated about the fact that the purity of that Kohinoor diamond is actually the purity of the each and every CVD diamond. Technology to be able to do that is very impressive!” asserts Princess Mrinalika.

Nussrat Jahan says, “I simply love the store and the concept of lab grown diamonds. Exact same diamond but no compromise in quality yet it is sustainable and saves the environment! And completely grown and Made in India!! I think every Indian woman will take pride in wearing their own sustainable Indian make diamond. I congratulate team Limelight for bringing this concept to Kolkata and wish them the very best.”

With its heart in India and an eye on the world, Limelight has become the go to destination for all things Solitaire!