Diamond connoisseurs and diamond jewellery buyers attended

GIA India Organises Diamonds and Coloured Stones Seminar For FICCI FLO members in Indore

GIA India organised an education seminar, “Introduction to Diamonds and Gemstones”, for the members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Ladies Organisation (FLO) – Indore Chapter to help them gain knowledge and confidence in their gemstone purchases. Zevar by Sethis, an Indore-based diamond jewellery boutique, facilitated organising the event. Nearly 140 diamond connoisseurs and diamond jewellery buyers attended the seminar.

In the seminar, Arjun Pansari, Manager – Instruction, GIA India elaborated on various diamond characteristics and provided an overview of coloured stones. He covered various topics related to diamonds and coloured stones and addressed several audience questions.

Neha Sethi, Co-founder, Zevar by Sethis, Indore, said, “Through GIA, we believe in providing the right knowledge to customers. This seminar gave confidence to women and will create a never-ending story of belief and faith in their gem and jewellery purchase.”

Payal Agarwal, Chairperson and Team FLO Indore 22-23 added, “It was an extremely fruitful session presented by GIA India. The topic, ‘Introduction to Diamonds and Gemstones,’ covered so many things we knew little about in a brilliant manner! Thanks to GIA India for the knowledge we gained today, and thanks to Zevar by Sethis for organising the session.”

Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director – Education and Market Development, GIA India, said, “GIA takes every step that helps the Institute further its mission of ensuring public trust in gems and jewellery.” He added, “I’m grateful to FLO – Indore Chapter for giving GIA India the opportunity to share knowledge with its members and thankful to Ms. Sethi for facilitating this education seminar.”

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