The Indian gems and jewellery industry recently witnessed the virtual launch of GJSCI’s Centre for J.A.D.E. (Jewellery Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Excellence) on 30th November, 2020.  To give one an insight of the concept, J.A.D.E. is a Centre of Excellence (COE) of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on the use of AI for Indian gems and jewellery industry.  GJSCI will be collaborating with various leading academic institutions and IT companies to bring the best of both the worlds to J.A.D.E. and hence to the industry members.  IIT Mumbai and Persistent systems, Pune are GJSCI’s technological partners in J.A.D.E. This is the first-of-a-kind centre on AI, which will be working on the problems faced by manufacturing units, exporters, and retailers in the gems and jewellery industry. The key challenges in manufacturing like minimizing rejections, poor hit-ratio of designs (which is in single digit presently) and high-market returns will be tackled using the AI and data science techniques. This center will help find solutions for industry at large, and individual units as well.
1st February, 2021 was the kick start of the pilot project of JADE at Dia Trends Jewellery.  This pilot project is being carried out in four leading jewellery manufacturing companies in Mumbai. A team of eight researchers from IIT Bombay is part of the pilot project to conduct the data audit and begin the data gathering process along with Core committee members of J.A.D.E.-GJSCI, the entire Dia Trends team and Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Chairman GJSCI.  The support from various Industry Partners and GJSCI’s founder organizations viz. GJEPC, GJC, Jewellers Association, Jaipur & SGJMA have also been responsible for getting this far. Shortly, the similar data gathering activity would be conducted with Uni Design, KBS Creations & Jewelex (I) Pvt. Ltd. to complete the first phase of the pilot project on “Gold Jewellery Casting Defects Elimination using Artificial Intelligence.”
This technological leap would indeed be a game changer for the Indian gems and jewellery industry.  This is the only COE on AI to be established in the world for the gems and jewellery industry by GJSCI.  GJSCI also envisages to receive a global recognition for this endeavor and take the Indian gems and jewellery industry to be a world leader.