“Every artist was at first an amateur.” – Ralph W. Emerson

As a part of the curriculum, IIG organised a two–day factory visit tour to Surat for the students. Students had an opportunity to visit Shish Jewels Pvt Ltd, Finestar Jewellery & Diamonds Pvt Ltd and Golden Carat (SRK) over two days.

Our team consists of Mr Rahul Desai (CEO), Mrs Gunjan Sapra (COO), Ms Nirmala Joraviya (Br. Manager, Opera House), Mr Mohit Narsian (Sr. Faculty CAD) and 12 students from different parts of the world – Saudi Arabia, Aurangabad and Mumbai embarked on the study tour.

The first-day visit to Shish Jewels Pvt Ltd was exceptional. The students were guided to their factory to learn about the CAD/ CAM process. The whole process of CAD designing from the start to finish was explained to the students. They had state-of-the-art technology with modern machines which the students were enthralled to see and note. The questions of the students which were full of curiosity were addressed during the visit. They spent close to 3 hours visiting this unit and expressed immense gratitude for learning the whole process. The hospitality of Shish Jewels Pvt Ltd was very good and the students appreciated their kind-hearted gesture.

International Institute of Gemology has collaborated with Finestar and Mr Rahul Desai is appointed as the Director of the Education Division. International Institute of Gemology has opened up its Surat branch in the Finestar premises. We took our students on the new campus tour and they were in awe. The newly formed branch is a fine place to educate the students in the gems and jewellery courses as expressed by the students.

The 3-hour visit to Finestar was an exceptional eye-opener for all our students. They were walked through the state-of-the-art facility for cutting and polishing diamonds. Minute details of diamond cutting and polishing from planning the rough diamonds by a three-member team to the last stage of polished diamonds were explained. The equipment and machines used are in sync with the latest and advanced technology.

The students had many questions and asked them with open–minded curiosity. They were answered and replied to enthusiastically. Jewellery Designing students were educated in the diamond business which will enhance their knowledge for the future.

The hospitality of Finestar was exceptional. The students and the faculty enjoyed the meals offered to them and were impressed by the quality and hygienic standards of Finestar.

It was a short visit to Golden Carat (SRK), in which the students were educated on the casting process from beginning to end. The importance and the procedure of the CAD/ CAM process were also explained. The curiosity of the students peaked and they asked many questions regarding the process shown. The offices were spacious. The manufacturing units have many advanced pieces of machinery to process the jewellery here.

The hospitality and the ambience were exceptional. The students will have a lasting memory of their tour.

Shri. Ramesh Kakadiya is the Founder & Director of Shish Jewels Pvt Ltd. Mr Ramesh and Mr Satish laid down the foundation of Shish Jewels Pvt Ltd in 2008. It creates world-class Arabic jewellery for the gulf region and Hip Hop & Bridal collections for the USA market. They have two manufacturing units. The 35,000 sqft manufacturing unit is located in the Special Economic Zone in Surat. It is known for its technological advancement in production.

We would like to thank Shri. Nanjibhai Vaghasiya, Partner in Finestar Jewellery & Diamonds Pvt Ltd, Surat. Finestar was established in 2002. Over the years it has emerged as one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of polished diamonds. It has cutting-edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship through ethical business practices. Finestar supports many initiatives in the fields of education and healthcare through the Santoktara Jain Charitable Trust managed by the promoters. The Group also supports underprivileged sections of society through donations.

Our last visit was at Golden Carat (SRK) in the presence of Mr Jitendra Jodhani, Partner. The ambience was excellent. The students were enthralled with the eco–friendly theme of their unit. The spacious office and the modern and advanced technology is the backbone of the jewellery industry.

We would like to thank you for the warm welcome of the International Institute of Gemology faculty and its students. We are glad to visit all the esteemed organisations who welcome us with great hospitality. Students got in-depth knowledge about the diamond manufacturing process and jewellery manufacturing process. The visit was a very successful tour where the students obtained practical information demonstrating the scale of our Gems and Jewellery industry as a whole. Surat’s visit was an eye-opener to understanding the future potential of Diamond City. Thank you for guiding our students in your manufacturing units and factories.

Students confirm that it was a wonderful experience where they got to see how their imagination was bought to reality and provided them with wings for their future.


Charmi Soni Shroff – CHRO

Being a part of the Gems & Jewellery industry for the last 15 years I garnered insights into gems, diamonds and jewellery. I have authored a handbook on casting techniques and various blogs on various methods of healing and meditation with gemstones. Presently working with IIG Mumbai as a writer, author, external spokesperson and PR representative.