Dr. Parag K. Vyas, an IITian and a pioneer in the field of jewellery designing and technology with years of training experience in companies like Titan, and with numerous workshops under his belt, will hold a series of five workshops and training sessions organised by the GJEPC.
Over these 5 days, the following topics will be covered: Nomenclature & Tool impression (Signature); Jewellery Machines & Classification of Tools; Usage & Application of Tools; Implement working principle & jewellery Toolmakers; and History & Evolution of tools and Root Processes.
The Uncut 2020 Workshop series, intended for jewellery professionals to upgrade their skills, will commence from 20th to 24th July at 4.00 pm each day.
This will be a paid webinar series at a special package rate of Rs.3,000/- only. To register, contact: Ajay Purohit at ajaypurohit@gjepcindia.com / +91 98293 81458.