I trust this note finds you well, safe, and most importantly, healthy.
As a valued Hennig stakeholder, I wanted to update you and share a few points of interest. The first of which is I Hennig’s commitment to, and endorsement of the new Diamond Price List (DPL), launched today. We truly believethe DPL is the most transparent, objective, reliable, and accurate polished diamond price list to hit the market indecades. The DPL, which openly publishes its methodology on the www.thediamondpricelist.com website, hasbeen designed to enhance and make the pricing experience more efficient for YOU by using Artificial Intelligence
(AI), Machine Learning, and data science algorithms, with practically no human intervention. Utilizing these technicaladvancements ensures an optimized price list that reflects the market in the most accurate and objective manner.
The Diamond Price list has been developed by an independent, dedicated team of scientists and mathematiciansfrom Lucy Platforms(www.lucyplatforms.com) of which I Hennig is an investor. We have also been working for
months with the DPL team to support the developmental process and provide expertise and market access.
You will find the DPL to be the most robust price list, for its AI modeling uses the largest set of rich, quality datareceived from GetDiamonds.com, including anonymous asking prices of over 1.3 million diamonds from over
4,600 suppliers. It then collects representative pricing information from multiple, other data sources to determinethe correlation between asking prices and reference prices. As a result, the DPL is the most robust, unbiased factual,
polished diamond price list available today.
The more industry members use the DPL, the more transparent and trusted (as an industry) we shall become, so Iencourage you to sign up for the list straightaway at www.thediamondpricelist.com.
I also recommend that you:
• download the innovative DPL (Diamond) Calculator, found in the App Store and Google Play for all Appleand Android devices, which compliments the DPL in mobile form. There is no better diamond pricing appon the market today, for it makes it easy to calculate diamond prices by selecting from a multitude ofdifferent parameters, compare prices of various stones, view them in app, view price analytics, search GIAcertificates, and share all of your results right from one destination.• make the most out of the first ever, real-time global polished diamond demand and market insights report,
the DPL™ Data Insights Platform. Also powered by the largest available data set of 1.3 million diamondsand more than 1 million stone searches, this new tool will report real time industry insights on markettrends, pricing and more.
You will be hearing from one of our brokers over the coming days, however, should you have any immediatequestions about how to utilize and maximize your time on the DPL Website, please contact DPL’s new VP ofMarketing & Sales, Miguel Martinez, atmiguel@lucyplatforms.com. We are so pleased to have Miguel, a careermarketing, businessdevelopment and strategic partnership expert, to lead the team forward. Miguel and the DPL
team are available and want to ensure your experience is smooth, effortless, and successful.
I hope that you share my excitement for these extraordinary, new tools.
With warmest regards,
Arik Sela
Managing Director
I. Hennig & Co. Ltd.