The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) announces the launch of the 6th edition of The Artisan Awards, country’s premier jewellery design competition. The prestigious annual contest invites designers from India and overseas to submit their entries, showcasing excellence and innovation in jewellery design.

The main theme for 2023 is indiamoderne, where the world of art will inspire jewellery design.

If art mirrors life and reflects our ever-changing culture and identity in the global landscape, India’s new narrative tells a story of change, inclusion and modernism.

Talking about his key expectation from this year’s contest, Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC, notes, “GJEPC ensures that with every passing year, Artisan theme gets more demanding in order to push the creative limits of participants so that they design pieces which lift global perceptions about jewellery ‘Made in India’. The indiamoderne theme centres on viewing jewellery through a variety of art forms. I’m confident that cross-referencing of various art streams will generate offbeat design ideas.”

Milan Chokshi, Convenor, Promotions, Marketing & Business Development, GJEPC, states, “Jewellery making is one of the superior art forms, which requires extraordinary designing and manufacturing skills. Jewellery and the various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography, or architecture share a synergetic relationship. No art form can exist in isolation, and artists tend to absorb insights from the cultural milieu to express themselves. Integrating natural elements or architectural formats into wearable art is not unusual, but seeking inspiration from fine arts and interpreting it through jewellery will surely bring forth interesting results.”

Combining tougher, the jewellery and art worlds, GJEPC presents The Artisan Awards 2023. This year’s indiamoderne theme, is further divided into three categories that each highlight a distinct genre in the world of art:

i. Art of Abstraction

ii. Art of Sculpture

iii. Art of Print

Contest Execution:

The indiamoderne theme gives contestants the freedom to choose from the three sub-categories:

Art of Abstraction

This category will invite entries for pieces inspired by some of the finest abstract paintings created by celebrated global artists.

Suggested Materials: Precious metals, Coloured Gems, Enamel, Diamonds etc.

Suggested Products: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings

Art of Sculpture

In this category, we aim to recreate the magic of the sculptural arts, including installations, through jewellery with a focus on form and shape.

Suggested Materials: All metals

Suggested Products: Cuffs, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Pendants

Art of Print

This category aims to shine a light on the art of the print, which can include sketches, etchings, lithographs and other works on paper.

Suggested Materials: Metals, Diamonds

Suggested Products: Rings, Brooches, Earrings, Bangles

The deadline for submitting entries is 30th December 2022. For more information, log on to: