GIA India’s Knowledge Webinar on ‘March Birthstone – Aquamarine’

GIA India’s Knowledge Webinar on ‘The Big 3 – Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald’

To help share knowledge and spread awareness about coloured gemstones, GIA India organised the Knowledge Webinars ‘March BirthstoneAquamarine’ and ‘The Big 3 – Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald’ for members of the Indian gem and jewellery trade in March. More than 90 participants attended these webinars to learn important information about coloured gemstones. To stay informed about GIA India’s upcoming Knowledge Webinars, call +91-22-68493960.
On the topic, ‘March Birthstone
Aquamarine,’ GIA India Instructor Deepa Srinivasa shared insights on the sources, history and quality factors of the gemstone. In the webinar about ‘The Big 3 – Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald’ GIA India Instructor Nitu Joshi shared insights on the colours, qualities, sources and treatments for rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The webinars included information about laboratory-grown gems and simulants, along with a few care and cleaning tips.
“This was my first experience with GIA India’s Knowledge Webinar and it was excellent. I had very little knowledge about aquamarine going into this webinar. So, I decided to attend the webinar because of GIA’s reputation and authority on the subject. It was informative and edifying – especially how the technical details were explained in simple words,” said Diljit Shah, Owner, N. Gopaldas & Co from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. “The younger generation is looking for something new and unique in their jewellery and aquamarine offers that. With adequate knowledge – thanks to GIA India’s Knowledge Webinars – jewellers will be able to sell with confidence and build consumer trust.”

“From chemical compositions to care and cleaning, GIA India has provided a great platform for professionals such as me to learn about precious gemstones – right from the comfort of our homes,” said Sakshi Keshri, Procurement Manager, Hira Panna Jewellers from Patna, Bihar. “I attend almost all GIA India Knowledge Webinars and I found them packed with important and extremely relevant information. It provided in-depth knowledge and I believe it is pivotal for everyone from the gem and jewellery industry to be a part of such knowledge sessions. I look forward to attending these interactive webinars regularly.”

“Informative and enriching webinars such as these constitute a part of GIA’s mission to ensure public trust in gems and jewellery,” said Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India. “Equipped with the knowledge gained during these webinars we’ve been conducting over the past year or so, jewellers are able to buy and sell with confidence. With the help of these webinars as well as our retail sales associate training programmes, members of the gem and jewellery trade are building consumer trust and furthering the Institute’s mission.”

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