Bharat Diamond Bourse, world’s largest Diamond Bourse organised an important seminar to address Cyber crime titled “Cyber Security & Challenges” at the New Convention Hall, Tower C within the Bourse complex. Today The advent of technology is so fast that tech and machine tools have taken over the very functioning in daily human life. Be it online purchases, inventory management, financial transactions or any other, Business and Personal lives depend heavily on technology. While Technology is a blessing as it speeds up transactions and builds business, it is also a bane when it gets into wrong hands, the Hackers. Cyber Crime is on the increase in the modern world and millions of dollars worth of money, inventory and other losses are faced somewhere in the world on a daily basis.The Diamond Industry too is susceptible to Cyber crime and cyber frauds. This high value sector depends on technology for Inventory, finance, logistics and other important activities. It is but natural that a knowledge seminar be organised within the Bharat Diamond Bourse to address this critical issue of “Cyber Crime,’ which became a reality as Mr D Shivanandan, IPS, retired DG & Commissioner of Police, Mumbai spoke on the subject. His insights were in depth and gave a 360 degree view on Cyber Crime and most importantly the precautions that need to be taken to save oneself or the company from huge losses. Over 200 members attended this important session and around 100 members watched the meet on a virtual platform. Mr Radhakrishna Pillai also attended the meet along with the entire committee members. Commenting on the seminar Mr Anoop Mehta said “Cyber Crime is indeed posing a huge problem for the Industry and the world and will only increase with time unless we take precautions at the earliest. Today’s seminar has been an eye opener and I thank Mr Shivanandan and other delegates for sharing knowledge on the subject”. Mr Mehul Shah, Vice President, BDB said,” we deal in high value stones and precious metals like Diamonds, Gold etc and have installed CCTV cameras, security, vaults etc to secure our valuables. Today data is more precious than Diamond and gold, but are we doing enough to secure our data ? Shivanandanji’s talk was an eye opener and very critical to understand and be aware of the threats that will only grow with time. Knowledge seminars such as this will be regularly organised in BDB for the benefit of members for them to understand, gain knowledge and act accordingly. I thank Mr Shivanandan for his insights and in depth analysis on the subject”.