Bharat Diamond Bourse, world’s largest Diamond Exchange hosted the Young Diamantaires today at the BDB complex. Around 50 Young Diamond company heads from all over the world visited the bourse and took a tour of the most sophisticated and secured Diamond complex in the world. The excitement and passion for Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery could be seen in all of the young Diamantaires as they visited the Convention Hall, the Customs department and explored the exchange including the security personnel and the critical security systems implemented at the Bourse. A designated tour guide took the Young Diamantaires’ delegation and explained to them the important aspects connected with BDB.

Post the tour of BDB a talk session was organised chaired by Mr Yoram Dwash, President WFDB, with Mr Anoop Mehta, President Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mr Rami Baron, member, Executive committee WFDB, Mr Mehul Shah, Vice President, BDB and Mr Jay Parikh, committee member BDB. In his keynote address Mr Anoop Mehta spoke about the Bharat Diamond Bourse and why BDB is regarded as the Largest Diamond Exchange in the world. He also took questions from the Young Diamantaires not only on BDB but also in general the Diamond Industry. Mr Yoram Dwash too thanked Mr Rami Baron and Jay Parikh for this initiative and spoke on the importance of Young Diamantaires coming into the Industry and becoming successful. Mr Rami Baron motivated the entire YD delegation with his address and spoke on more such Diamond missions that the Young Diamantaires would undertake in the future. He added that BDB is an excellent and secured complex and said that the Bourse has thought 50 years ahead of time while construction and is an example that even in business one should think ahead of time. Mr Mehul Shah gave the vote of thanks and said that all the Young Diamantaires are invited at any time that they choose to visit the bourse and support of any kind would be rendered to them. He also invited the delegation to visit the Bharat Diamond Week, an important “ONLY DIAMOND” Exhibition that will be organised between the 6th to 8 th April in Mumbai. Mr Shah added that Young Diamantaires under the WFDB umbrella should now have its own e portal that will help immensely in building business and help achieve success.

The Young Diamantaires mission to Bharat Diamond Bourse was a huge success as they proceeded to visit SEEPZ [Special Economic Zone] in Mumbai to tour the Gold and Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing units. The YD’s also applauded the effort of Mr Rami Baron and Mr Jay Parikh to have made the tour truly memorable for them.

About WFDB:

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) is an association of the world’s major diamond bourses and promotes the interests of the member bourses and their members. As the official organization of the international diamond trading sector, the WFDB creates a common set of trading practices in rough and polished diamonds. As the industry’s most important representative body, the WFDB advances the principles of trust, transparency and integrity among the members of the bourses and throughout the industry. Founded in 1947, the WFDB currently has 29 affiliated bourse members located in major diamond centres throughout the world.

About Young Diamantaires:

The Young Diamantaires project was launched in 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai as a discussion group. The WFDB recognized that it needed to create a dialogue with the next generation, and ultimately a pathway for future leaders. Seven years on with large number of members from all around the world, the YDs represent the future generations of the diamond industry. Members come from many different cultures and backgrounds but share a common interest in diamonds as their primary source of income. The YDs accept that transparency and sustainability are not just nice words but must convert into tangible results for them and their customers. These diamantaires from all major diamond centres have identified a need to communicate with each other, taking on challenges and leading the trade into the future with an aim to redefine the industry for generations to come. The YD initiative was initiated and is managed by Rami Baron, a third-generation family jeweller and President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. He is a member of the Executive Committee of WFDB and Chairman of the Promotions Committee.