WD Lab Grown Diamonds, leading U.S.-based producer of
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) laboratory grown diamonds, has entered into a patent sublicensing agreement
with Ethereal Green Diamonds LLP (“EGDL”) and its affiliate The Diamond Library. This agreement is an expansion
on WD’s sublicensing program, announced late 2020, which to date includes ALTR (India) Private Limited and ALTR,
Inc. and Evolution Diamond. EGDL is now likewise permitted to license and distribute CVD lab grown diamonds in the
United States, Canada, Mexico and all other global territories where the patents are applicable.
“We are pleased to welcome EGDL as new sublicensees of WD’s industry-leading diamond growth technology,” said
Sue Rechner, Chief Executive Officer of WD Lab Grown Diamonds. “Our commitment to ethical business practices
and sustainability informs all that we do at WD, and this partnership reflects EGDL’s shared dedication to corporate
responsibility, consumer-centricity and transparency.”
EGDL is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of laboratory grown diamonds, headquartered in Mumbai, India
with offices in New York. “The EGDL team is pleased to join the esteemed ranks of WD Lab Grown Diamond patent
portfolio sublicensees,” said Hirav Virani, Director at Ethereal Green Diamonds, LLP. “This was a logical next step for
us, as we share in WD’s mission to increase consumer access to high-quality laboratory grown diamonds. We
proudly align with their commitment to integrity, ethics and responsible business practices in the diamond industry.
This sublicensing agreement incorporates WD’s full patent portfolio, and importantly those developed through the
Carnegie Institution of Washington. The first relevant Carnegie patent (6,858,078, February 2005) covers CVD
diamond growth using microwave-plasma; the second (RE41,189, April 2010) reflects a high-pressure, high￾temperature annealing process that improves a diamond’s visual qualities. All diamonds produced through WD’s
patented and sublicensed technology are Type IIA, recognized as the highest quality and representative of just 1-2%
of diamonds on earth.
With the expansion of their sublicensing program, WD reinforces its mission to increase consumer access to
responsibly-created laboratory grown diamonds.
About WD Lab Grown Diamonds
Founded in 2008, WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a market leader in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds, with
laboratories in the Washington, D.C. and Chicago, Illinois areas, and distribution under the brands WD Lab Grown
Diamonds and Latitude. The first diamond company worldwide to be certified Climate Neutral and achieve the
highest-level of third-party Sustainability Rating, WD employs its industry-leading diamond growth technology to
achieve bespoke gemstone production at scale. The Company also offers new technologies and applications for
diamonds in advanced material settings. WD Lab Grown Diamonds is the exclusive licensee of a portfolio of patents
covering single crystal CVD diamond growth technology developed by The Carnegie Institution of Washington. WD is
jointly owned by Huron Capital, WD Management, members of its board of directors and The Carnegie Institution of
Washington. For more information, visit wdlabgrowndiamonds.com and latitudediamonds.com.
Brittany Lewis
Chief Marketing Officer
WD Lab Grown Diamonds