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Labgrown diamonds have been amongst us for decades. However, a systematic  and regular production of gem quality Labgrown diamonds can now be seen since the last 5 years. It is amazing to see that with the aid of technology , expertise and knowhow, man has been able to grow a diamond that has the same, physical, optical and chemical properties as those of a mined diamond. So, primarily the only difference is the Origin. One grew within mother earth and needs to be excavated, mined and processed, while the other can be ethically grown in a laboratory under controlled temperatures and pressures within a few weeks. Once grown, they are polished to the highest precision in the world’s largest and leading diamond cutting factories. They are then sent to the Gemological laboratories which grade mined diamonds. They are graded on the same parameters as those of a mined diamond, thereby getting an International grading report stating that it is a “Laboratory Grown Diamond”.
This clears the air that Labgrown diamonds are not  lookalikes or fakes, but actual diamonds which were just created differently. They are often associated with the term “test tube baby”, which means there is no visible difference. No expert gemologist , leading laboratory or renowned jeweller can tell the difference between mined & Labgrown diamonds, without the help of high end sophisticated and expensive testing equipment.
IZARRA, meaning Starlight,  is a luxury online retail jewelry brand conceptualised by experts who have been in the Gem & Jewellery Industry for over 3 decades. This brand was started in September, 2019. Founded by Mr. Ramit Kapur (CEO) , Mr. Samay Mahendru (COO) and Mr. Sanjay Mahendru (CFO) , IZARRA has it’s operations in Mumbai & Delhi.
“We realised that the future generation will continue to love diamonds, but will also love to make memories and moments in life to cherish for years. Education and Career expenses are also peaking. Hence, we offer them beautiful diamond jewelry which is ethically grown and at great prices, which offers them the best of all worlds”, says Ramit Kapur, Founder & CEO. He further adds that, “With the customer seeing no difference in the product, Labgrown diamonds are here to stay and are getting popular globally as well.”
Women love solitaires and dream to have the largest diamonds. IZARRA offers the best certified solitaires at unmatched prices. The solitaires are certified by International Gemological Laboratories, SGL (London) & IGI (Antwerp).
The design team studies  global trends and develops stunning designs, that are timeless and can be adorned across generations.The jewellery is crafted at high end sophisticated jewelry manufacturing factories ensuring the highest quality standards and excellent finish.
IZARRA Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., the parent company, through their B to B model, also  exports loose diamonds and jewelry to the United States and the Middle East.