Sishu International started with the idea of entering the LGD
(lab-grown diamond) space. Our vision is to be a leading manufacturer
of CVD grown diamonds from Asia, dealing with both rough and polished
diamonds globally.

What we want to do at Sishu International is very interesting. We want
to scale the manufacturing of CVD diamonds and decentralize the
availability of diamonds, empowering the consumers and giving them
more choice.

We currently manufacture in India. Initially at Sishu International, our
focus is on serving the B2B market, there is a huge demand as the prices are also very attractive. Later we may plan to go B2C

Our manufacturing is focused on CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) diamonds. In nature, only 2% of the diamonds are Type IIa, while all the CVD diamonds we manufacture are type IIa. Being qualified as a Type IIa diamond signifies that these diamonds are the purest of all.

Due to the price tumbling over the last 2-3 years, we can see that India is a saturated market, there are about 25-30 growers, holding anything between 5 and 500 reactors on average, of which there are also about 5-8 major growers with around 500 to 1,000 reactors. With local B2B supply being higher then local B2B demand, our plan is to continue expanding and be a major diamond manufacturer from Asian serving the global demand.

In the future the competition in the lab grown space will only grow, especially as there is money to be made. Additionally, it is a scientifically advanced product with continuous R&D investment needed to allow for further growth. There will be newcomers who will enter this space because there is potential in the marketing, and it will be exciting for them.

At the end of the day, it is the consumers who are our ultimate partners and therefore it is thrilling to continuously develop so that we can bring our products to the consumer in an ethical and economically attainable way. I say ethical, because with LGD the consumers are choosing to spend their money on a product that indirectly helps save the planet as there is no digging, mining, drilling and tonnes of soil displacement, and I say economically because there is an extra saving which the consumer can then spend on other fun and exciting things.

The Indian market and the Indian retailers are opening up, the awareness for LGD has increased in a huge way compared to 10 years ago. In the long-term, LGD will benefit the advancement of science and all mankind.