LimeLight Ghatkoper store

LL Jewellery piece.

Flashmob at Borivali Store Launch.

Lab grown diamonds have been the biggest innovation and technology breakthrough in the gems and jewellery sector. Limelight Diamonds, a pioneering brand in lab grown diamond sustainable jewellery, is taking steps towards a radiant future, with strategic expansion initiatives following a series of 5 new store openings. Headquartered in Mumbai and a branch in Kolkata, the brand is delighted for its recent store launches in Kalaghoda, Ghatkopar, Borivali, Varanasi and Jaipur. Their network of stores is set to grow further with its upcoming store in Hyderabad shortly.

The advent of these new stores marks the brand’s entry into key business locations across India and these additions are meant to strengthen the brand’s retail presence further and attract consumers seeking for alluring and sustainable jewellery that aligns with their modern and ethical beliefs. Specialising in CVD diamonds, each store displays remarkable lab grown diamond jewellery, designed meticulously, ranging from rings, earrings and pendants to necklace sets, bracelets and more.

Limelight Diamonds envisions to open at least 10 more stores across the country in the coming months. As India’s largest CVD diamond jewellery brand, the upcoming store launches are testament to its mission of raising awareness about sustainability and making eco-friendly diamonds accessible to all, without compromising on quality, offering its customers great value for money.

The vision for Limelight is to establish itself as the first SUSTAINABLE luxury jewellery brand from India and create a luxury niche for lab-grown CVD diamond jewellery worldwide. Inspiring, beautiful, and totally couture, yet easy on the ecology, through lab-grown diamond jewellery, they wish to give it back to mother earth and have taken it as a challenge to add these sustainable diamonds to every conscious diva’s wish list.

Talking about the brand’s growth, Pooja Sheth Madhavan, Founder and MD of Limelight Diamonds says, “With our strong growing presence, we aim to strengthen our consumer base, offering them an exceptional opportunity to engage with our exquisite lab grown CVD diamond jewellery. Limelight is now focusing on entering potential markets to create more awareness in abundance and educate customers on the environmental implications of their jewellery choices. Even in jewellery, consumers are tired of small diamonds studded in clusters to give the look of solitaires. With increased awareness and consumer acceptance for LGD jewellery, this festive season, we are expecting almost 60% year-on-year. For the coming months, we are all set to showcase a new and wide range of sustainable jewellery to Indian consumers.”

Over the years, Limelight has been able to spread its wings in India with a network of over 7+ stores, 40+ shop-in-shops, across 25+ cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. With a visionary plan of further expansions across India and globally, Limelight Diamonds is determined to spread its sparkle and fulfil its aim of catering to a wide-ranging consumer base.