On Saturday the 6th of April 2024, HRD Antwerp celebrated the opening of its new office in New Delhi. Together with the Belgian embassy, a Puja ceremony was held in the new office on Bank Street in Naiwala, Karol Bagh. In the evening, a big celebration was held in the presence of the Belgian Ambassador to India, Indian royalty, and New Delhi retailers

Ramakant Mitkar – Managing Director HRD Antwerp India: “As the leading European lab for diamond and jewellery certification we decided to open our new lab in New Delhi. It was time to start thinking about expansion and we want to help the people in New Delhi and North India in making sure they can buy jewellery safely without any worries about the authenticity of the diamonds and jewellery they buy. An international certificate can add up to 30% value when you buy jewellery, so it’s very important that the customers ask for such a certificate. Thanks to our Belgian and Antwerp heritage, HRD Antwerp has become a leading expert on certification.”

The office was inaugurated by Mr. Steven De Wilde, Deputy Head of Mission at the Belgian Embassy, Mr. Gaurav Bawa, Mr. Rakesh Saraf.

The evening event hosted notable dignitaries – His Excellency Mr. Didier Vanderhasselt – Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Yuvrani Sahiba Kamakshi Kumari Jhala from the princely state of Chuda Saurashtra in Gujarat, Kunwarani Sahiba Harshita Kumariji of Askote, Uttaranchal, His Highness Maharaja Ashwaryaji Katoch of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Princess Aparna Singhji of Shankargadh, Allahabad, Major Mohan Singhji of Meerut, Dr Maharaj Kunwar Ranjitsinhji of Wankaner, Gujarat, Kunwarani Kalpana Kumariji of Wankaner, Gujarat, Princess of Sailana, Madhya Pradesh, Kunwarsaheb Yaduveer Singhji of Bera, Rajasthan, Princess of Dhenkanal Yashwani Kumariji of Orissa, Kunwarsaheb Mrityunjay Singh of Avadh, Uttar Pradesh, Mrs. Anshu Khanna from Royal Fables and awardee of the Nari Shakti award to name a few.

The rise of lab-grown diamonds has created confusion.

Certainly, with the fast-growing business of lab-grown diamonds it’s important as a customer you know what you buy. The value of an LGD can drop to 10 to 25% of its original value if you sell your jewellery without natural diamonds.

Ramakant Mitkar – Managing director HRD Antwerp India: “The customer can choose to buy lab-grown or natural, but although it has the same chemical composition it does not have the same value. Unfortunately, we detect fraud every day where lab-grown diamond jewellery is presented as natural. Our lab has hi-tech equipment to detect all the treatments and methods that are used to disguise the true nature of the diamond today.

”Luckily, retailers want this kind of high standard to make sure their customers are not getting fooled. HRD Antwerp is one of the only three recognized international labs that can certify. HRD Antwerp also presented its new products and services like the HRD for memories and a retailer application.

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