Gemological Science International (GSI) announces the successful completion of its first advanced gemology program, The Colored Stone Professional Program.

The valedictory event, held on 16th June 2023, was graced by the esteemed chief guest, Ms. Sunita Shekhawat, an accomplished Indian jewelry designer known for her intricate craftsmanship and revival of traditional meenakari techniques, and Dr. K.L Jain, President, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

“It feels nostalgic to see students graduating from an institution like GSI, and who provide students the most recent and detailed curriculum in an internationally made facility.”, says Ms. Sunita Shekhawat. “The students using gemology as their base should showcase Indian culture and art when they design gemstone jewelry.”

“GSI has made significant contribution to the Gems & Jewllery Industry by offering quality education imparted by the leading faculty in the subject of gemology.”, says Dr K.L Jain. “International institutes like GSI have shown that you can acquire the best education in gemology in India and do not require to travel abroad for this education.

“The course aimed to equip students with advanced knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in the dynamic world of gemstones. Throughout the course, students explored gem identification, treatment identification, grading, origin determination, valuation techniques, and a special laboratory session where students experienced working in a lab and with advanced instruments.

The program was led by industry expert Ms Meenu Brijesh Vyas, whose vision to provide students with a transformative learning experience has made the course the success it is today.

“We have built a state of the art educational facility in the gemstone capital of the world,where students get to learn and practically work on the largest and recent colored stone inventory using the latest identification and testing equipment.”, says Ramit Kapur, Managing Director, GSI India.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a grand celebration dinner, honoring the graduates for their achievement.

GSI’s Colored Stone Professional program has set a new standard for gemology education in Jaipur, welcoming students from all around India and providing a platform for aspiring gemologists to shine in the industry. As Jaipur continues to be a global center for colored gemstones, the program reflects the city’s commitment to excellence and innovation in gemology education.