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GIA is taking the first, important step in the digital transformation of all GIA laboratory reports.

Beginning Tuesday, January 2, 2023, GIA Diamond Dossier® will be available in a convenient, secure and fully digital experience. The Institute is delivering its most popular report, backed by decades of innovative research and its universally-recognized diamond grading standards, to consumers with efficiency and accessibility. This is the first of GIA’s printed reports to be digitally transformed; all GIA printed reports will be digital by 2025.

Digital GIA Diamond Dossier reports will be available on the GIA App (available for Android and iOS devices), on GIA’s online Report Check portal and through the Institute’s application programming interface that integrates report data into client’s business material. Printed versions of these reports will no longer be produced. All existing printed GIA Diamond Dossier reports are still valid.

The digital reports include a Report Access Card with the report number, a QR code and 4Cs information that can be embedded into receipts, invoices and e-commerce sites.

“The digital GIA Diamond Dossier supports our consumer protection mission, meeting the needs of the gem and jewelry buying public we work to protect every day,” said GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques. “Switching to digital reports will reduce the environmental impact of our operations, which is part of our strategy to ensure GIA will continue our mission to protect consumers and promote their trust for decades to come.”

GIA has an extensive transition program including client support, a dedicated webpage, how-to videos, informative webinars, resources for retailers and a robust email outreach campaign to help ensure a smooth transition for everyone who uses and relies on GIA reports.

GIA’s support services for the transition to the digital Diamond Dossier include:

How to videos’ that illustrate the ways to access, use and read the digital report.

Webinars that will help businesses with the transition to digital reports and tips to thrive.

A frequently asked questions guide for immediate answers and a submission form for unique questions.

Clients can contact their Client Service Representative or email

Experience diamonds like never before with the 4Cs App. Anyone can view, organize or send reports in the app or save them to Apple Wallet. The App also offers free diamond knowledge with relevant articles and videos.

The GIA Diamond Dossier is the most frequently requested and visible diamond grading report in the industry. Since its introduction in 1998, GIA has issued more than 33 million Diamond Dossier reports. Available for D-to-Z diamonds from 0.15 to 1.99 carats without color treatments, the report includes a 4Cs assessment, proportions diagram and laser inscription of the GIA report number.