Rahul Gaywala (CEO)

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war for the past two years has severely impacted the diamond industry. Due to the war, the G7 countries have imposed bans on the export of rough diamonds from Russia, causing a standstill in the diamond industry. This has affected both small and large diamond units, creating a recessionary environment. The biggest hit has been on diamond processing units, where the cost of rough diamonds is high, but the selling price is not meeting expectations. In such times, it has become challenging to manage the expenses of large factories.

STPL stands firm to support the diamond industry during this recession with its brand-new, ultra-modern, and revolutionary technology, which will be a game-changer for diamond manufacturers and the entire industry. This advanced revolutionary technology will enable higher production at lower costs, resulting in increased profits. This magical technology is named MagikCut™.

With MagikCut™, the diamond marking process will be completely eliminated, and diamonds will go directly for sawing. This means that after diamond planning, there will be no need for the marking process, and diamonds will go directly to sawing. This revolutionary technology will eliminate the hassle of diamond alignment. Every time, production will be completed faster and at a lower cost, with improved quality. Upgrading to MagikCut™ will increase the weight of polished diamonds, thereby increasing the total profit. This technology can be easily upgraded with any STPL sawing machine and is designed to boost profits for diamond processing units. With STPL’s new MagikCut™ technology, diamond processing will reach a new dimension.

Looking back, the diamond industry relied on human skills, but over the years, robotics, planners, lasers, and other modern technologies have fundamentally transformed our industry. These changes have accelerated with time. At every stage of rough diamond processing—planning, sawing, cutting, polishing, etc.—the use of technological solutions has greatly reduced human error, enabling higher, faster, and more quality production with minimal wastage.In addition to laser technology, the diamond industry is now seeing the development of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions at various stages. Progressive diamond units are quickly adopting these advanced solutions.

Speaking of technology, STPL has developed the world’s first robot for the diamond industry, which has been instrumental in automating and error-proofing some of the most complex aspects of diamond processing. This has helped the industry boost production in terms of both quality and quantity. Typically, each laser 4P machine requires one operator, but now STPL has revolutionized this by enabling one operator to manage five machines, saving time and increasing production. Intelligent robots complete CAD-CAM solution integration between diamond planners and diamond cutting equipment, reducing yield loss and increasing profit margins. In old-generation, non-robotic machines, profits were reduced due to human errors. With STPL’s incredible combination of multi-sawing and setup stations, fewer operators can achieve higher production.

In a conversation with STPL CEO Mr. Rahul Gaywala, he stated, “MagikCut™ is a boon for diamond processing units and brings us one step closer to our ROBOFACTORY vision. This revolutionary technology will eliminate the entire marking process and undoubtedly increase profits, providing strong support to diamond processing units in these times. Additionally, our R&D unit is continuously working on revolutionary ideas such as ‘Fully Automatic’ and ‘Robotic Diamond Processing Units’.