Mr Kiran Bhatt husband of Nirupa Bhatt passed away on 16/5/2020.

अनपेक्ष: शुचिदॅक्ष उदासीनो गतव्यथ:।
सर्वारम्भरित्यागी यो मदभव्त स मे प्रिय
मन प्रसाद : सोम्यत्व मोनमात्म विनिग्रह:
भावसंशुद्विरित्येतत्रपो मानस भुय्यते ।

He who is free of the vanity of  expectations who is pure of heart, wise and impartial, above all distractions, of  selfless action, such a devotee is dear to me.



             Late Shri KIRAN BHATT 

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