• ON 8th February 2020, Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery Mumbai witness another milestone of IIGJ student’s accomplishment – An annual exhibition of Jewellery collection conceived, designed & manufactured by the graduating students of class of 2020 along with parents, students and esteemed guests.
    “Glimpz” Exhibition is an important event for the students of Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Mumbai. Every year the 3 Year Degree Course culminates with a Cap Stone Project during which the students create collections of jewellery based on particular themes.

This year the class of 2020 were asked to work on the theme “Universal Indian Allure” where they were inspired to create jewellery with unusual mechanisms and concepts.
Honorable chief guest Ms. Pallavi Foley- Jewellery Designer & Entrepreneur, Guest of honor – Mr. Shehzad Zaveri – Managing Director Minawala, Executive Director GJEC Mr. Sabyasacchi Ray, Board of Directors Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Mrs. Namita Pandya, BOD GJC Mr. Manoj Jha, and Member of Jury Panel – Ms. Indra Jadwani and HOI Mr. Sanjoy Ghosh graced the occasion.
Guests visited and interacted with every graduating students giving them a word of encouragement to stand tall in their career. They not only took keen interest in appreciating the students work but also gave them a fruitful feedback which would add to their knowledge for their upcoming career. After seeing the efforts put in by the students guests mentioned that they were very happy to see various skills gained by the students during the 3 year degree programme at IIGJ Mumbai.

Glimpz 2020 commenced with the traditional auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries.

Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Director IIGJ Mumbai extended his warm welcome those present and formally congratulated the students for achieving this milestone by their consistent hard work and dedication.

Thereafter, Mr. Sabyasacchi Ray, Executive Director GJEPC felicitated chief guest Ms. Pallavi Foley by presenting a bouquet of flowers and a memento. Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Director IIGJ Mumbai felicitated Guest of Honor Mr. Shehzad Zaveri with bouquet of flowers and a memento.

Mrs. Namita Pandya, Director IIGJ Mumbai felicitated Ms. Indra Jadwani, Jewellery Designer for being a part of the Jury Panel.

Guest of honor Mr. Shehzad Zaveri, Managing Director Minawala Jewellery endowed our students with his words of wisdom and experience which made students feel extremely privileged and honored to be a part of the Institute.

The Institute also acknowledged the success and achievement of the graduating students for their sustained hard work, perseverance and dedication by awarding them trophies and certificates for their performance at Glimpz 2020.

Based on the theme assigned to the students for executing the graduating project the students were judged group wise on the basis of – Best Design, Best Manufacturing & Best Visual merchandising by the Jury panel.

Winner for the best design in Glimpz 2020 was awarded to group Deco Geometry, Winner for the best Manufacturing was awarded to Group Organic flavor and Group Body bejeweled was declared best visual merchandising.

Few more individual awards were given to the students under category –

Winner for Best Design – Ms. Mallika Kothari and Neha Jain.
Winner for Best Manufacturing – Ms. Anoushka Jain

Three more students were awarded for their outstanding work under the category most Innovative product of Glimpz 2020.

Mr. Faizal Mistry was awarded for making Bangle in the most innovative way, Mr. Sandesh for his extraordinary work in making “Palm Harness” and Mr. Pushpendra was awarded for his exclusive work on “Eye Wear accessory”.

Ms. Pallavi Foley, Chief Guest made the students aware about the growing competition in the industry. Her presence on this occasion was a source of great inspiration to the students and it would surely benefit our students to go a long way in paving their distinguished career in the Jewellery industry.

The inspirational speech and vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Namita Pandya, Director IIGJ Mumbai.

During this project students work hard to design their own jewellery collections under the able guidance of their mentors and transform them into actual jewellery pieces by applying the skills learnt during the 3 years degree programme.

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