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GII UVC BOX Contactless Sanitization Box

Gemmological Institute of India (GII), during its nearly five decades of existence, has established as a reliable institute that provides testing services to Gem & Jewellery Industry. GII is a SIRO Institute and is known internationally. It has good infrastructure, expert technicians, educators and R&D personnel. Five years back its R&D wing proved its mettle by fabricating a Q-Chk machine, which is in regular use in Diamond Industry, trade units and testing laboratories. Now GII is bringing out a contactless sanitization box based on using UVC radiation for disinfecting viruses on various surfaces including jewellery.
All of us are aware that sanitization is important in every walk of life, and none other than Mahatma Gandhi preached and practiced sanitization. During the last six years honorable Prime Minister is leading from the front towards “Swatch Bharat”. Thus Covid or no Covid, sanitization is important. Onset of Covid-19 pandemic has disturbed our life, economy and very co-existence in our society Covid Virus spreads through air in the form of droplets and settles on various surfaces. It survives on inanimate surfaces like plastic, cloth and metals, for hours to days. If humans touch these materials, they might get INFECTED and infection spreads to others. This chain of spreading has to be stopped for our survival.
What is UVC radiation? Ultra Violet (UV) radiation is invisible light and present in the sunlight. It has higher energy (shorter wavelength) compared to visible light. Its wave length ranges from 10 to 400 nm. UVradiation from 100-280 nm is called UVC. UVC is known to be harmful to our skin and eyes. How does UVC “disinfect” various surfaces? When an infected surface of material is exposed to UVC radiation, it deactivates (kills) RNA of a virus by disrupting its structure. Thus harmful viruses like SARC-COV and MERS-COV become ineffective. It is well documented that UV radiation around 265 nm is most effective as Germicide radiation. Low pressure mercury lamps are used and emit mainly two radiations with peaks at 185 and 253.7 nm. By using special Quartz glass at the source, 185 nm radiation is stopped and mainly 253.7 nm radiation is transmitted, making this source very effective for germicidal use. Ensuring Human Safety GII sanitization box is designed such that it is radiation leak-tight. Box is made up of S S sheets such that more than 99.99% of radiation is stopped inside. Disinfection process is contactless. Operation Operation is simple. Magnetized external switch is provided to open and close the door. An SS tray is used to keep materials like gems and jewellery on the base of the box. Pre-fixed timer is used to start/ stop UVC exposure. No need to touch. No need to use liquid soaps.

Contact us : LABORATORY SERVICES & EDUCATION CENTER ADDRESS : 501/502,Mehta Bhavan,5th floor, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Marg, Opp. Charni Road Station (East). Mumbai 400004. TEL : 022 – 23889232 / 23889236 E-MAIL : marketing@giionline.com DIAMOND DETECTION RESOURCE CENTER ADDRESS : G East Tower, 4,5&6, Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai-400051, TEL: 022 – 26754384, QBC : 022 – 33927628 / 7629 E-MAIL : ddrc@giionline.com, info@giionline.com

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