GIA India’s Jewelry Design Students Experience Manufacturing at Kama Schachter

To help students gain better understanding and experience of the gem and jewellery industry, GIA India brought jewellery design students to Kama Schachter’s manufacturing facility in Mumbai on Oct. 19. The GIA Jewelry Design certificate course – an extensive nine-week programme – helps students develop creative skills and understand technical processes through practical training.

GIA India conducts factory visits for its on-campus students for several of its Jewelry Design courses. During this visit, students had the opportunity to learn about the jewellery manufacturing process; from designing a jewellery piece and sending it to a CAD expert, to the final quality check.

Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director of GIA India and Middle East, said, “Jewellery design is an integral part of our industry. While the GIA Jewelry Design certificate course helps aspirants learn the techniques, a factory visit such as this helps prepare jewellery designers for collaboration with jewellery manufacturers. We thank the entire team of Kama Schachter for their support.”

A student from the class said, “I feel blessed and thankful to GIA India for the opportunity. This factory visit gave me insights to further establish a successful jewellery business. The factory visit really cleared doubts in my mind on how designing impacts the final production of a jewellery piece.”

Another student said, “This opportunity provided in-depth insight into the product development at an early stage and the manufacturing process of jewellery. Every step of the manufacturing process was demonstrated and explained profoundly. This factory visit organised by GIA India was extremely helpful and has further enhanced my interest.”

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