Dr. Panjikar of PANGEMTECH conducts Educational Webinars

Dr. Jayshree Panjikar has started Educational Webinars on various Gemstones and Diamonds by popular demand. In the recently conducted Educational Webinar on ‘Know your Diamonds’ participants joined from Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and from all corners of India making it so a grand success that another batch had to be organized immediately.
The ‘Know your Diamonds’ Webinar was in two sessions. In the first session Dr. Panjikar elaborated on the famous diamonds of Indian origin in the different museums in the world as well as on the largest rough diamond and the largest faceted diamond in the world. Easy tips were given for the identification of diamond stressing on the awesome properties of diamond and differentiating between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia.
The second session of webinar had 4Cs of diamond explained very lucidly. One learnt how to read a diamond report or certificate and evaluate the price using a Rapaport price list. Treatments done on diamonds were explained. Two types of synthetic diamonds production and tips to identify them were discussed by Dr. Panjikar. One of the feedback from S. Africa was “Dr. Panjikar’s enormous expertise in the field and experience in teaching live audiences comes through clearly in the presentation. It was very relaxed. You were ‘in the zone” (as we call it in web delivery) all along. Very nice and this will become a global online resource”
This ‘Know your Diamonds’ will be conducted once again on Saturday 11th July 2020 at 6.30pm interested should contact Dr. Panjikar.
The next Educational Webinars are on ‘Know Your Sapphires’ on
Monday 15th June 2020 at 1,30pm and Saturday20th June2020 at 6.30pm on Zoom
Topics include: Colors in sapphires, Significance of sapphires, Identification of Treated Sapphires, Synthetic sapphires, Tips to identify Sapphires from Kashmir, Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Stress will be put on how to identify the natural, treated, synthetic and the synthetic treated yellow sapphires with a mere 10x lens.
Interested persons should register on https://forms.gle/37QePvzKuoevTtEz8

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