CRICKET: For Team Bonding!!


Captain- DM Tigers with the captains of other teams
Team DM Tigers

Kiran Premier League 2020 – Season 7 was a 4-day fun-filled carnival organized by Kiran Gems Private Limited. Season – 7 started with a bang and was held from January 30 to February 2, 2020, in Air India Sports Club, Mumbai.

Both our Directors, Dinesh Lakhani and Rajesh Lakhani welcomed the 16 participating teams and wished them luck!

As always, the entire Kiran Team welcomed Kiran Alliance, the team of diamond brokers that played as well.

Director, Dinesh Lakhani mentioned that Cricket is a sport that has the potential to unite people in one thread. A sport that is engaging and increases camaraderie between the team members. He adds, that it improves social skills such as cooperation, communication and learning how to cope with winning and losing, team skills and a fantastic way to re-connect with colleagues.

The atmosphere on the pitch was energetic and action-packed. Stadium during all the games was the liveliest place that was witnessed by all that were present there.

“We call ourselves One Big Family and it really is true”, mentioned Rajesh Lakhani. Every family member at Kiran Gems looks for ways to help each other. It’s ‘Happy Workplace’.

We encourage and foster a work environment that is fun and that inspires employees to take joy in their work, added Rajesh Lakhani, Director, Kiran Gems.

Kiran Premier League Trophy and Favourite Team Title was won by Dinesh Bhai Lakhani’s team DM Tigers.

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