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COVID-19 Advisory by BVC Logistics

Given the spread of the dreaded Corona virus across geographies, it is very important for all the corporates to be on high alert and take necessary preventive measures. BVC Logistics has temporarily suspended all the services, till the time of the national lockdown being in effect. However, we are available for any queries of our customers through our Toll Free Number –
1800 123 2711.

BVC Logistics believes that the impact of COVID-19 on the general business scenario has unprecedented consequences, globally as well as in India. Please bear in mind the following while at home or moving out for necessities:

● Wash hands with soap or use a sanitizer after touching any surfaces.
● Avoid touching your eyes, nose or face.
● Practicing social distancing is a must. Ensure a distance of 2 metres, at least.
● Wear a mask or scarf to cover your face, especially nose and mouth, while going out.
● Ensure to wear long sleeves while going out of the house.
● Use a tissue covering your fingers while touching any surfaces at home or out.
● Dispose of used tissues in a closed dustbin only.
● Use a tissue or handkerchief to cough or sneeze into.
● Do not use your hand to cover your mouth or avoid coughing or sneezing in the air.
● It is advisable to cough or sneeze into your elbow.
● Avoid crowded places and large gatherings.
● Do not use public transport as they are most crowded.
● In this digital age, use online payment services and avoid touching cash notes/coins.

BVC Logistics advises everyone to self-quarantine and avoid going out of their premises unless absolutely necessary. BVC Logistics too pledges total unstinted commitment to not take advantage of the imperative nature of our services and will not attempt to profiteer from this situation.

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