Amendment to Revised Guidelines on the lockdown in the Maharashtra state

G & J industry in Mumbai will get minimum Relaxation to complete EXPORT ORDERS only.

Gems & Jewellery industry is badly affected due to countrywide lockdown from last  more then 50 days.

As per the  order No-DMU/2020/CR.92/DisM-1 dated 11.05.2020 from Government of Maharashtra on “Amendment to Revised Guidelines on the Lockdown measures for containment of Covid-19 in State”

The order states that in areas of Municipal Corporation of Mumbai Metropolitan region (MMR), activities related to diamonds & gem & jewellery to be permitted only for fulfilling export commitment with access control be allowed to 10% of workforce capacity and travel will be permitted with point to point bus transport.No person from containment zones shall be permitted to work in this establishment.                          Further all norms for social distancing and precautions as prescribed shall be followed.

A Medical Doctor will be available on site to ensure that all persons with Influenza like illness (ILI) are identified and segregated and steps be taken as per protocol.



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