GJS Virtual, an initiative by All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), organised a webinar “Akshaya Samvaad” today with the presence of 25+ associations and over 150 participants from all over Maharashtra & Goa. The first edition of Akshaya Samvaad scheduled from 2nd to 7th November is focussed to boost trade across Maharashtra & Goa.
Over 7 days, the focus will be to promote jewellery business across Maharashtra & Goa with a road map to touch every state in the country and increase trade over the year.
On this Mr. Ashish Pethe (Zonal Chairman West, GJC) said,
“Maharashtra & Goa are rich in culture and are proud of generations of heritage and beautiful jewellery artistry, with ample number of local associations across the states. There was no state better than Maharashtra to start Akshaya Samvaad. We are trying to get everyone on GJS Virtual and give a required kick start to the jewellery trade.”
GJS Virtual is India’s first annual B2B initiative active since 1st October, 2020 until 30th August, 2021. GJS Virtual is the pioneer of digitisation in the gem and jewellery industry in India and carries revolutionary features like HD video calling with no time restrictions, studio set up for jewellery presentation with multiple lighting options, smart AI matchmaking for better networking to name a few.
With 6 exhibitions scheduled over the year, GJS virtual has announced its second exhibition, Swarnotsav II, from 7th to 12th December, 2020.
With an easy and simple registration process, GJS Virtual invites retailers from all over the world to join and make the best use of the opportunity for themselves.
The Visitor Registration process is LIVE and absolutely FREE. To Register, log on to https://gjsvirtual.org/Home/VisitorRegistration
Join in to witness and embrace the changing face and future of jewellery trade in India.