GJNRF collaboration with Mañgrove foundation Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a long coastline of about 720 kilometers, which is home to a diverse range of coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, corals, rocky shores, sandy shores, mudflats, etc. The coastal and marine environment not only supports an astounding variety of flora and fauna but also provides several ecosystem services, which are crucial to the sustenance of life and livelihood security of coastal communities. Conservation of the coastal and marine environment is therefore of paramount importance. To support the ongoing 10 Crore tree plantation drive undertaken by the Maharashtra Government, we are seeking financial assistance from Corporates, local bodies, social organizations, educational institutes, and citizens.

With a view to accelerating the mangrove afforestation work in the State of Maharashtra, the Government has decided to implement the Programme of Mangrove Afforestation of degraded forests (hereinafter referred to the ‘Programme of Mangrove Afforestation’) with the participation of the private sector and the Forest Department.

For the same, the Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation of Maharashtra has collaborated with GJNRF to increase the green cover of the State by conservation-linked and eco-friendly interventions”.

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