Bharat Diamond Bourse is celebrating 75th year of Indian Independence.

Diamond Industry welcomes Back
Ambassadors of Solidarity of Diamond Industry, ” एकता का प्रतीक (Ekta Ka Prateek)”, celebrating 75th year of Indian Independence.Diamond Route Cyclothon-2022

Event was Completed with
Another milestone on BDB’s history.

All the participants returned Bharat Diamond Bourse at 0500hrs 21 Feb 2022 on monday morning,after completing 68 hours of cycling for 800kms.
All Cyclists and Supporting staff are Safe & Sound.
They started from BDB to cover all diamond Destinations like
Malad Borivalli Dahisar manufacturers association Mumbai.

Shri Gajera’s Laxmi Diamond at Bhilad.

Mahendra Brothers at Navasari.

Dandi, from where Mahtama Gandhi started the Salt Moment.

Surat Diamond Bourse & Gujarat Hira Bourse in surat.

Atmosphere was created like Carnival,and members of the Diamond industry where seen very excited, cheering & welcoming the BDB’S Ambassadors of एकता का प्रतीक(Ekta ka prateek) on cycles.
BDB committee thanked everyone who supported the Cyclothone 2022.